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Piercey & Associates, Ltd. – Your team of attorneys helping you build, manage and protect your legacy through thoughtful estate, tax and trust planning.  Contact us now to learn about how our Legacy Defender Trust™ protects you.

provideProvide for present and future generations by eliminating estate tax liabilities and the risks, costs, and delays of a Probate Court case.

protectProtect assets by identifying and reducing the risk of legal attacks during your lifetime and beyond.

preparePrepare you for the inevitable by putting in place a clear, written plan that addresses estate planning and any business succession issues.

preservePreserve your wealth for future generations and ensure that our team of attorneys and advisors will carry on as your inter-generational advocates.



Why Choose Us As Your Estate, Tax and Trust Planning Attorneys and Real Estate Attorneys?

Because, above all, we care about you and your personal well-being. We look out for your best interests by offering honest and practical advice. We treat you with patience and respect. In this way, we work to gain your confidence as we have for all of our clients who have honored us with a 99 percent approval rating.

Likewise, we focus on your financial well-being by protecting your assets. Piercey & Associates, Ltd. has reduced millions in estate liability down to zero, and regularly eliminates probate fees for clients just like you.  As Christian attorneys, we strive to apply the Biblical principles of integrity, wisdom, service, kindness and peace to the practice of law. As such, your satisfaction is our highest priority.


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What Our Clients Say

Everyone I dealt with was caring and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Piercey & Associates to anyone in need of legal help.
J. C. & M. C.
Our experience was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to nail down practical advice, with a very sensitive representative.
My wife and I are very pleased to have a firm that represents honesty, integrity and fairness in a social climate that seems to be lacking in these qualities.

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