“We found Piercey & Associates very professional, courteous and caring for our legal needs. We were very satisfied with our overall experience with the firm. We would highly recommend Piercey & Associates.”
M. W. & T. W.



“Piercey & Associates was very sensitive and responsive to my concerns. They clearly explained their fees and costs in advance, and I feel that I received value for what I paid. I would freely refer a friend or relative to Piercey & Associates for any legal work.”
J. M.



“Rodney, Ken and Kim clearly explained all legal issues and choices in understandable terms. They kept in frequent communication with me. I would say my overall experience with the firm is one of full satisfaction. I already have referred someone to Piercey & Associates and will continue to do so when opportunities arise.”
M. N. D.



“Mr. Piercey was very helpful in explaining the special needs I had in my situation.
I’m thankful to have an attorney who is not only highly competent professionally, but also is completely trustworthy and sensitive to my personal concerns. I also was very pleased with my session with Mr. Piercey, and his explanations at the signing of the documents.”
L. B.



“Mr. Piercey has impressed me consistently with his wisdom, vast knowledge & understanding, and solid ethics. He gets to the point and explains the legal world and its issues in terms I understand. I also feel he has always been reasonable with fees—a very rare find among attorneys, from my experience. Your counsel puts my mind at ease.”
G. J. S.



“It’s above professional; Piercey & Associates demonstrates personal concern and empathy towards and beyond our ‘legal’ needs. We appreciate the extra, extra mile. I understood all we talked about. Felt good when I left their office.”
J. P.



“Everyone I dealt with was caring and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Piercey & Associates to anyone in need of legal help.”
A. S.



“Mr. Piercey was knowledgeable, professional, patient with our questions, and caring. Matters were handled and executed in both a professional and diligent manner.”
J. S. & L. S.



“I was very apprehensive about the whole idea of estate planning…the tough choices that had to be made to protect my meager acquisitions, dealing with the unknowns in the legalese of our society and, in essence, the finality of it all and what it would mean to me and my family. Mr. Piercey, however, was able to put everything in perspective in language I could understand, often using examples to explain a point of law. The detail was incredible.”
D. M. B.



“We were confident the advice and plan developed were thorough and right for our situation.”
D. V. & M. V.



“In both estate planning and real estate, Piercey & Associates has taken care of my family. They have been courteous and professional. Any concerns or questions are cared for in a prompt, timely manner. In fact, I have referred other family members who are equally impressed with this firm.”
W. C.



“Piercey & Associates welcomed us, did not keep us waiting, and was super organized in every way. We are happy with their services. It is hard for a lay person to know what questions to ask, but Mr. Piercey was very understanding, knowledgeable, and kind. We thank them for their services.”
R. B. & N. B.



“Our experience was an absolutely fantastic opportunity to nail down practical advice, with a very sensitive representative.”
J. C. & M. C.



“We were very satisfied, all our concerns were answered.”
R. R. & L. R.



“I was very happy with Mr. Piercey’s services. We were a complicated case that he gave a lot of wisdom to, as well as personal legal advice. Thank you! I appreciated the wonderful organization, preparedness, and uttermost professionalism that the whole staff exhibited.”
M. G. B.



“We were very grateful for the services and consideration extended to us. We felt like our whole estate planning process was handled in a timely and considerate manner; especially, up to the specifics outlined for our family situation. We especially appreciated Mr. Piercey’s outlining of fees and services in a letter form. We are completely satisfied with the fees charged for services rendered. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and your sons.”
J. K.



“Mr. Piercey is so very helpful and I can rely on him. That is priceless. He was a great communicator and very pleasant to speak to.”
D. D.



“Mr. Piercey explained each step in the process of creating documents in a way we, without legal expertise, could understand. Our needs were always taken into consideration. We felt that his first concern was our best interests. Fees were explained upfront. Meetings started on time and were concluded in a relaxed manner. We appreciated the warmth, integrity, and professionalism we experienced. We are confident that our important documents are in good order, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.”
J. H. & D. H.



“My wife and I are very pleased to have a firm that represents honesty, integrity and fairness in a social climate that seems to be lacking in these qualities.”
A. Z.



“A firm with a high level of integrity expressing an emphasis on kindness and respect.”
I. C.



“I was extremely pleased with my experience with your firm. All involved were wonderful.”
J. M. & G. M.



“Your firm was the right blend of professionalism and human concern.  We’re so glad to have been referred to you.”

Dr. S. & F. S.



“We now understand why we had so many referrals to your firm.  We would highly recommend your services and will be contacting you for our future needs.”
N. & K. N.



“Your entire staff was very professional, courteous and easy to work with.”
S. P.



“I finally found attorneys that I trust.  Thank God for your integrity and professional grace—it is surprising and refreshing.  Your firm is truly made of real people.  They give ‘comfort’ of mind and security that we have never known before.  I thank you very much for this comfort because we can now sleep at night knowing we are protected personally and with your family members protected in the future.  As many referrals as I can give, I will give with personal knowledge that my referrals will be given the same professional treatment as I have received.”
N. & N. L. S. C.



“Overall we think we had a very positive experience and would certainly choose your firm again and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your services.”
G. & C. G.



“We appreciate the integrity of your firm.”



“This firm is an excellent God-honoring firm which I highly recommend.”



“A great experience, a firm with integrity and graciousness.”



“The most professional legal group I’ve ever worked with.  Knowledgeable, prompt, attentive to details and the needs of individual clients.”



“Your firm is without question the most professional and truly comprehensive legal services provider I have ever worked with.  Without question, you have fulfilled our every legal need and question with success beyond expectation.”
H. & P. H.



“The best thing about working with P&A is that I know matters will be handled exactly the way I would want our company to be represented.  I don’t have to fear our reputation is in jeopardy.  I know my best interests are being protected and well represented.”



“My family and I feel that we are better advised on a personal, rather than a sterile attorney-client relationship.”
G. S.



“Our contact was refreshing with a welcome level of professionalism that was attentive to our needs.”
T. T. & V. T.



“Everything explained and done very professional—everyday polite and accommodating—able to explain legal issues.”
A. E. B.



“It was a pleasure working with Mr. Piercey putting together my trust fund.”
J. S.



“Knowledgeable, ethical, prompt, and reasonable, I would highly recommend Piercey & Associates without hesitation. Excellent service!”
T. S. & R. S.



“This company has integrity, so I trust the advice given by Mr. Piercey and his sons.”
J. W. & L. W.



“Patient, encouraged questions, explained in layman’s terms.”
G. B. & C. B.



“I appreciate the respectful and efficient services given to my husband and myself. I feel confident that our estate has been cared for.”
P. F. G.



“We feel we were cared for in a totally professional and expert manner that was delightfully personable at the same time. Complete planning, comfortable with the intellect of all staff.”
C. L.



“Worked with speed and covered every detail. Just a pleasure to work with. Cannot thank Mr. Piercey enough.”
W. M.



“We had a positive and comforting experience updating our estate documents to the latest standards and addressing family changes. Thanks!”
B. B. & J. B



“We like the professional atmosphere and how thoroughly our trust documents were explained to us. This firm exudes confidence. Absolute understanding of our issues and their solutions. Everything very smooth and all questions answered.”
E. D.



“Very personal and professional service in an efficient, timely manner.”
D. P.



“Sound, practical advice and complete clarity of legal ramifications of estate decisions.”
P. A.



“I feel my financial estate is finally in good order after 18 years of problems. Thank you very much!”
N. L. A.



“Provides a comfortable, non-intimidating, professional environment with expertise and strong values.”
M. L. & B. L.



“I am very pleased with the overall performance of the firm and would highly recommend Piercey & Associates to others.”
M. M.



“What I thought would be a different process turned out to be a very enlightening, interesting experience. I felt confidently protected. Thank you Rodney, Matthew, Ken, and Alice. God bless you all.”
G. J.



“Discussion was in terms that even I could understand! Very professional!”
J. O.



“It has always been a very professional and pleasant experience, every time.”
H. A. & S. A.



“Mr. Piercey handled this unique matter with great success. He made me feel comfortable throughout the process.”
H. Z.



“We felt very comfortable and confident with our estate plan.”
T. A.



“Mr. Piercey was very professional, explained things to me in layman’s terms that I could understand (I’m an ex-bricklayer), and was very understanding to our needs. In our estate planning, I would refer Mr. Piercey and his law firm to anyone. I was very pleased.”
G. K.



“Will refer friends and family without hesitation! We are very pleased with the warmth, interaction, and professionalism of Mr. Piercey and your firm.”
H. P. & A. P.



“We have a very strong sense of integrity with this firm!”
W. B. & L. B.



“Very responsive to my needs, and met those needs with courtesy, respect, and professional, expert knowledge. I was very pleased with Mr. Piercey’s help in setting up my estate; he offered good suggestions.”
J. B.



“Mr. Piercey established a revocable estate for me and my family. He was thorough, explained in understandable terms, answered questions, advised, and was patient. We felt very comfortable throughout the process.”
P. S.



“Very kind, patient, and experts at putting estate planning in layman’s terms. Everyone made it comfortable talking about all aspects of our trust.”
R. B.



“Mr. Piercey is wonderful to work with as he is knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate.”
S. L. & C. L.



“We appreciate the time Mr. Piercey has spent with us. He is very personal, and I know this is a long term relationship. Pleasant and friendly. This was the first time I felt that an attorney took a vested interest in me. I really enjoyed working with Piercey and Associates. I am confident that my family is in good hands with the Piercey family.”
D. W.



“Very professional. Reassuring to work with Christians in estate planning. We received efficient and professional service that felt like family, to address issues that are difficult to master without an objective third party. We appreciate the kindness and level of professionalism leading to excellent results. Thank you.”
R. T. & M. T.



“We came to a seminar on estate planning and everything discussed has been followed through upon as discussed.”
C. H.



“Excellent interaction on each visit and telephone communication.”
D. F. & L. F.



“I am as comfortable as I can get. I feel like we are in great hands.”
K. H. & L. H.



“It was great meeting all three of you—may God continue to bless your families and work! It was a pleasure working with Mr. Piercey. I trust this firm, they have integrity, and I know they are looking out for my best interest! I would recommend Piercey & Associates to anyone! Great experience for both my parents and me. We learned a lot! Thank you. As difficult as it can sometimes by planning for and discussing end of life actions, Piercey & Associates treated me kindly and with the utmost professionalism, making this process as pleasant as possible. I thank you sincerely for helping me help my family. Professional—clearly explained the process, made both meetings comfortable, very pleased with Piercey & Associates. Extremely professional, gave clear explanations of reasons to do things a certain way, appreciated Mr. Piercey’s sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Piercey! We feel that we are in very good hands.”
J. G. & T. G.



“We were impressed with the thoroughness Mr. Piercey did with the services as well as the access to the attorney.”
J.L. & K.L.



“I appreciated being able to explore all the options for our situation and their pros and cons. We were very happy with the services provided for our estate planning.”
E. F. & R. F.



“At this time my experience has been short but most satisfactory! We were very impressed with the precise manner in which every item was handled.”
D. G. & P. G.


“Had gone in to finalize paperwork for my mother’s estate and decided to finally take care of my estate. Mr. Piercey explained the process very clearly and set up an appointment after we had done a preliminary draft of our estate. We came back in less time than we expected and Mr. Piercey explained our estate plan to us again very clearly. Everything was handled very professionally, and I am very pleased with their services.”
J. P. & M. P.



“I thank God for you.”
S. C.



“Mr. Piercey was very considerate about my parents’ need to understand the importance of having a trust. He explained everything to them in a patient and clear manner.”
M. F. T.



“All my questions and concerns were addressed. Mr. Piercey and his staff exhibit great integrity and honesty.”
M. A. R.



“Unlike any other lawyer that I have dealt with, Mr. Piercey is extremely competent, professional, and a real person that genuinely helps and cares for others. He changes my attitude toward lawyers. Mr. Piercey is simply the best!”
J. D.



“Mr. Piercey was very thorough and gave much advice and guidance to such a delicate subject. We truly enjoyed working with him and we appreciate his knowledge and affirmation in handling our estate planning.”
T. H. & L. H.



“Our experience has always been first rate. Everyone is courteous, professional, easy to work with, very thorough, answers all questions, and willfully explains any issues.”
L. B. & C. B.



“We know you put in a lot of extra time so we could have our estate in order before we left town for the summer. Now that ______ has more medical problems, it makes us at ease to think we have our estate in order. Thank you so much.”
L.H. & E.H.



“Mr. Piercey’s support in our estate planning was outstanding. He was professional, courteous, helpful, and responsive.”
G. L. & L. L.



“Helpful, concerned, knowledgeable, efficient service, personable, and professional.”
P. W. & L. W.



“They care about us first as people, not clients. What was best for us was Mr. Piercey’s priority.”
J. H.


“Mr. Piercey was sensitive to our needs and situation. He was very kind and client friendly.”
O. M. & D. M.



“Extremely satisfied. All matters were explained in a clear and concise manner.”
J. S. & P. S.



“Showed expertise, respect, consideration, excellent communication, and we felt confident in Mr. Piercey’s complete handling of our needs in our best interest.”
G. M.



“Piercey & Associates made the creation of a trust a valued learning experience for us. Thank you.”
J. V.



“Very professional and personable experience. Explanation of trusts was clear and understandable.”
D. B & D. B.



“Mr. Piercey’s patience with our concerns, explaining, sometimes repeatedly, this whole procedure eased our fears.”
J. F. W.



“Mr. Piercey was prepared for our meeting, listened to our concerns, and made workable suggestions. Last minute changes were made and easily included in the final documents. All in all, a comfortable experience that gave us assurances we were doing the correct thing.”
R. B. F. & G. S. F.



“Mr. Piercey is a great combination of knowledge and compassion. I felt that he genuinely cared about me and my situation. He has a nice way about him.”
L. S.



“I knew of Mr. Piercey’s abilities in the estate area through my awareness of his having made estate planning premiums at my church, and my experience with Piercey & Associates was just as expected: honest, forthright, and helpful. Most pleasant experience I’ve ever had with an attorney or law firm. Mr. Piercey is great to work with!”
J. C.



“The professionalism and personality of Mr. Piercey gave us complete confidence in the competence of this law firm.”
E. L. & J. L.



“Mr. Piercey has been excellent in response to our needs, especially our time, by working around our health and travel issues. He is flexible and excellent.”
N. J. & R. J.



“Great experience. Very helpful in explaining complicated stuff.”
R. M.



“All aspects related to our trust were very thoroughly explained! Take a bow!”
C. F. & K. F.



“Mr. Piercey and his team are proficient. They caught and corrected mistakes in my former estate plan, and improved them for our new plan.”
M. M.  & K. M.



“All of our questions were answered sufficiently and our suggestions evaluated for legal impact. We appreciate the focus on charitable giving as a part of a unified stewardship plan. Thank you!”
G. S.



“Very informed, kind, and considerate.”
D. C. & A. C.



“Our experience was a very pleasant one. Mr. Piercey and his associates have done an excellent job.”
H .P. P. & H. B. P.



“They treated us very well, showed much knowledge & sensitivity, and helped us accomplish our goals.”
D. T. & C. T.



“Estate planning is a personal process, however, Mr. Piercey and his staff were professional, sensitive, insightful, and effective! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you! We were treated with respect and our experience couldn’t have gone better. Mr. Piercey did a wonderful job of sharing his extensive legal knowledge with us in a clear, understandable way. He was able to do this without appearing to ‘dumb down’ the legal verbiage which we greatly appreciated. Mr. Piercey and his team were true professionals, but also very welcoming and personable. They made us feel very comfortable through the entire process.”
N. B. & E. B.



“Meeting Mr. Piercey for the first time for the signing of our trust was a pleasure. We did all the preparations over the phone, since we reside in Naples, Florida. Our daughter, Karen, recommended Mr. Piercey highly, and brought our daughter Lisa and our son to have their trusts set up! It was a very wonderful experience since we never had a lawyer who explained every question we had so clearly, and took the time to do that! We would both like to thank you for all your help. Now, I can finally sleep easy at night!”
K. L.



“The service was great, especially at making everything very clear. I thought Mr. Piercey interoperated all my thoughts accurately. I was quite surprised that he walked me to my car with his umbrella! It was raining and I did not have one with me.”
J. T.



“Estate planning for a citizen/non-citizen couple was handled expertly with genuine care.”
J. C. & T. C.



“This is my first experience with an attorney at age 63. I am very grateful for the clear understanding and the step by step procedure that made this service easy. I appreciate the professional manner in which every detail was handled. Thank you so much.”
V. K. V.



“Communication was excellent. Everything was done according to our discussion. Thank you!”
R. J. C.



“I was very pleased by my experience. My husband and I were the ones to drag our feet. They were always professional, patient, and on top of things. Our experience could not have been better. All of our questions and concerns were addressed and explained to our satisfaction.”
C. M. & S. M.



“I appreciated Mr. Piercey’s patient explanation of legal terms to me in words I could understand.”
A. A. M.



“I procrastinated setting up a trust, then Mr. Piercey was able to meet with me, give me plenty of time to explain what needed to be done, and accomplish everything in a short time before I left for an extended stay in Florida. I was satisfied with the final results, and I was glad I chose Piercey & Associates under the advice of my financial advisor.”
C. D.



“Rodney Piercey completely understood our situation and very patiently explained what we needed to have done. Our work was completed in a timely manner. We would recommend Piercey & Associates to friends and relatives.”
K. & D. K.



“Rodney is personable, sincere, knowledgeable, honest, and prepared.  It is a pleasure to get to know him better.”
Z. & L. Z.



“What impressed us the most was Piercey’s professionalism and genuine concern for our well-being. We both felt comfortable in discussing our future estate plans upon our deaths and feel we are in good hands.”



“Rodney has been great to work with.  I would definitely recommend him.”
S. & S. S.



“Precise, speedy, extremely knowledgeable, felt very comfortable and at ease knowing our needs were taken care of.”
The P. Family



“Prompt service—client in mind on all recommendations.”
H. & E. H.



“We appreciated working with a fellow believer in Christ who has the same values as we.  Very trustworthy.”
B. & M. B.



“Outstanding estate planning with client’s best interests as paramount”



“Completed all the info about Probate, real estate and family trust.  A fine Christian!”



“Rodney Piercey made us feel very comfortable and he spent an hour going over our documents and explaining all the terminology.  Even though it was an evening appointment and he didn’t seem to be feeling 100%, he hid it well.  We appreciated the time he took with us.”
M. & M. M.



“Mr. Piercey was extremely helpful.  I wish I could fully express just how at peace I felt knowing I was being guided from a true Christian perspective.  Many thanks!”



“I trust Rodney Piercey for good advice and guidance.”



“Mr. Piercey graciously and kindly came to our home to help us.  I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful group.”



“I was very pleased with the explanations and strategy discussions we had.  The experience and knowledge that was brought to our particular situation was very helpful and helped to coalesce our thoughts on important issues.  Rodney Piercey was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
F. & G. F.



“Very professional, very pleasant, very knowledgeable, a pleasure to do business with.”
D. & M. D



“Very satisfied with the way everything was explained at the beginning and the quickness of everything.”
P. & D. P.



“Your firm is exceptional! Overall we think we had a very positive experience and would certainly choose your firm again and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing your services.”
G. & C. G.



“We have attended many ‘estate planning’ presentations in the past, all geared toward a ‘what can we do to keep it all’ or ‘how do you keep the government out of your pocket’ scenario.  The refreshing and important distinction of your firm is how you encourage your clients to honor God in the estate planning process.  We came away feeling a sense of joy and spiritual well-being.  Thank you for your wisdom and your very important ministry of faith.”
V. & C. V.



“Every person connected with your firm that I have had contact with has been extremely helpful, courteous and responsive.  Thank you for all your assistance.”



“A great Christian firm that puts your welfare first.  A legal firm you can trust.”
W. & S. W.



“I was very satisfied with the [Piercey & Associates, Ltd.] estate planning.”
Satisfied client



“We feel we were cared for in a totally professional and expert manner that was delightfully personable at the same time.”
Satisfied client



“A friendly atmosphere and promptness of the subject at that particular time.”
Satisfied client



“I appreciate the respectful and efficient services given my husband and myself.  I feel confident that our estate has been well cared for.”
Satisfied client



Satisfied client



“We were advised of our responsibilities toward our children and grandchildren.  The advisement was done with sensitivity and kindness.  We were helped to do ‘what was right’ with the resources we have and we both feel good about the steps we have taken.  Nice Work – Thanks.”
Satisfied client



“[Piercey & Associates, Ltd. exhibited] patience, encouraged questions, [and] explained in layman’s terms.”
Satisfied client



“[Piercey & Associates, Ltd.] has integrity so I trust the advice given by [their team].”
Satisfied client



“Very Satisfied.”
Satisfied client



“Knowledgeable, ethical, prompt and reasonable. I would highly recommend [Piercey & Associates, Ltd.] without hesitation!  Excellent Service!”
Satisfied client



“It was a pleasure working with you putting together my trust fund.  It was done with efficiency and promptness.  Thanks so much for your help.”
Satisfied client



“Excellent job, thank you.”
Satisfied client



“We felt professionally treated and respected.”
Satisfied client



“Very professional with strong client focus and attention.”
Satisfied client



“Everything [was] explained and done [in a] very professional [manner,] everybody [was] polite and accommodating [and] able to explain legal issues.”
Satisfied client



“My family and I feel that we are being advised on a personal, rather than a sterile attorney-client relationship.”
Satisfied client



“We have been satisfied with the work done by your firm since we began about 10 years ago.”
Satisfied client



“Professional and concerned about clients.”
Satisfied client



Satisfied client



“In each appointment, everything was made very clear. Mr. Piercey allowed plenty of time for questions, and gave all possible options. He discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each option given, and greatly assisted in the ability to make wise choices. We really appreciated the time spent together, and we have a high level of confidence in the choice we have made. Knowing that everything is well taken care of and in order is a great relief, and an ongoing benefit to us and our family members. Your calm and friendly manner helped us to be at ease in this very important process. Thank you!”
Satisfied client


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