Veterans and Elder Lawamerican flag display in honor of veterans day


Over the course of a lifetime, we all experience personal challenges. This might include serving your country in times of war, or facing the issues of aging with security and dignity. Piercey & Associates, Ltd. is prepared to assist you in both cases.

Whether it’s helping you obtain the monetary compensation you are due as a veteran, or preserving your assets in later years, we stand at your service as your legal advocates.


Veterans Affairs

Many military veterans are not aware of all the benefits for which they qualify. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, eligible veterans can receive pensions for having served just months, not years, during a wartime period. Plus, surviving veteran spouses are also eligible for lesser monthly pension benefits. Supplemental incomes like these often become the difference in the level of quality care you might require later in life. Piercey & Associates, Ltd. helps you navigate the necessary qualifications and applications to ensure that you receive what you’ve earned for your service to our country.


Elder Care Law

Protecting your wealth in times of special needs is a commitment that Piercey & Associates, Ltd. faithfully extends to all of our clients and their families. Preparing for long-term care, making Medicaid benefits work in your favor, planning for supportive or assisted living choices that still give you access to your assets, and deigning a plan for your best interests are just a few of the elder law areas in which we focus. At the same time, we are always available to discuss delicate end-of-life pre-planning options to set you and your loved ones at ease. Just let us know when you’re ready to talk.