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"It is always a pleasure to work with Piercey & Associates, LTD!

We feel that we are in very good hands."

-Satisfied Client

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Piercey & Associates, LTD is great to work with!!"

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"Piercey & Associates, LTD is superb!

Quite professional.

We are clients for life!"

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They saved me a bunch of money!"

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"Our experience was positive, enlightening and exceeded our expectations."

-Satisfied Client

"Piercey & Associates, Ltd was very sensitive to our needs and situation and very kind and 'user friendly'."

-Satisfied Client

"Piercey & Associates, Ltd is a wonder to work with. They inspire confidence in all that they do."

-Satisfied Client

"Piercey & Associates, Ltd was very professional and very sensitive to my needs."

-Satisfied Client

"We left with a feeling of confidence that we have been well served by a firm of honesty and integrity."

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Provide for the present and for the future generations by exchanging your estate tax liability for an income stream for life.


We are an advanced team who can identify potential predators and help you confront and minimize risks of predator attack on your assets while you are living and after death.


Preserve your wealth for the next generations, and ensure that regardless of what happens to the laws, there is an office of Attorneys and Advisors on your team that will be there to provide accountability and serve as your inter-generational advocate.


Put in place a clear, written plan that creatively and comprehensively addresses estate planning and business succession issues.

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We are a team of attorneys and support staff dedicated to helping you:

PROVIDE for your loved ones,

PROTECT your assets from the unreasonable or fraudulent claims of creditors,

PRESERVE your hard-earned wealth, and

PREPARE for the inevitable.

We work in close cooperation with accountants, financial advisors, and insurance and other professionals, to assure a seamless planning process.  In addition to the financial benefits of the planning process, you can expect to achieve a real peace of mind from avoiding the pitfalls of improper planning.

We treat our clients in the manner we would wish to be treated, and translate complex legal principles and rules into understandable concepts.  We are dedicated to the highest level of expertise, professionalism and service and so we offer a written guarantee of satisfaction. If a client is not satisfied with our services, the client may receive up to a full refund of the legal fees. We currently enjoy a client satisfaction rate of over 99%.



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